Indigeaux, a Tribal Fusion Dance Troupe

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Indigeaux, a Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing Troupe, was formed the summer of 2013 when several students decided they did not want to stop dancing at the end of the summer session. Indigeaux has performed for civic organizations, at pageants, festivals, Green Market events in and around Natchitoches and also the Dionysis Mardi Gras Parade.  Indigeaux has attended and performed at Bayou Belly Festivale in Lafayette the past five summers.  The Natchitoches Troupe, Indigeaux, has a style which is a combination of Tribal, Combo-Based, Improvisational, and just plain Funky.  What we share in common with all Tribal Fusion dance styles is our love of dance!  

Indigeaux Troupe Leader:  Cheryl Gianforte

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Begindigeaux Troupe Teacher:  Scotti Rodgers.  Click on Begindigeaux’s picture below to email Scotti.


     Begindigeaux, Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing Beginners

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