Dharma Talk

April’s theme is the third “S” word. Satsang. Again, the ancient sages knew we could change the world by applying Seva (selfless service), Sadhana (spiritual practice) and Satsang. Freely translated Satsang means “To sit with the truth.” or, “To sit in the company of the wise.” Of course, both statements invoke the questions, What is truth? and What is Wisdom? How do we access those seemingly elusive concepts? The ancients would say we should find our guru or teacher. Modern writers say the same thing but point out that that search is as near as our meditation cushion. In other words, Truth, Wisdom and our Guru are all within us. We are complete, whole. All that is necessary is that we take the time to allow quietness to settle in around us; to look intently within ourselves. In class, during pranayama, you’ve heard us invite you to silently repeat the mantra sat nam. In English this little mantra translates to , “I am truth”. Satsang can also manifest in the study of spiritual texts, both modern and ancient. In its purest sense Satsang was said to be the act of absorbing the teachings of an enlightened one or guru. That person today may be your minister or other spiritual teacher; one with keen insights into the nature of reality and how we fit into it. Or, it may be that quiet, inner voice deep inside you; the one you access in times of stillness.
This, of course, is a provocative subject and has been written about extensively. So, maybe the best way to conclude my thoughts and to encourage a deeper inquiry would be to offer the words of the 17th century French philosopher Voltaire. “Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.” A bit of truth in and of itself I think.

Thank you all for hanging in with us during this crazy year. All the obstacles are not off our paths just yet but the time is closer than ever when we can be together safely again. Until then please keep doing the things that have gotten you this far: mask up, keep your distance, avoid crowded indoor spaces, get vaccinated when it’s your turn. 

Namaste. Richard and Scotti

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